My story

Soo, who am I and why would you have me write your emails?Well, for one...this is something that I do I write, I learn and then I write some more.I was learning from the best that email marketing has to offer such as Ian Stanley, Nico Sanchez, Sean Ferres and Matthew Volkwyn.They all generated millions of dollars of revenue for their clients and I had the honour of having them as my mentor.My passion is writing for coaching businesses that are generating 6 and 7 figures per year in revenue.But this is not enough for a successful colaboration with my clients.You see, the main problem with most copyrighters is that they are order takers.Let me elaborate before you shoot me in the knee, okay?They want you to tell them exactly how many emails they want you to write, when to send,etc...They do not offer you their expertise and knowledge on how to best strategise your emails in order to perform the best.They are order takers, not problem solvers.If you want your emails to extract the most revenue they can and build real relationship with your tribe so that they know, like and trust you, you need someone who can advise you and take the holistic approach for your email marketing strategies.You tell them you need 6 emails and they deliver. That is simply not enough anymore.You need to circle back to 3 pillars:Broadcasts, automations and email deliverability.That is where I see the most value, and this is where I come in.So if you want someone that can advise you and strategically deliver shoot me an email and I we will see if we are a fit for working together.Because I have limited spots make sure to get in touch with me asap.Thanks!-Evita[email protected]